Asset Management

Connect the pieces of the puzzle and make more on your assets

Lakefront Capital takes pride in delivering the best in asset management and asset based financing to companies, while supporting other minority, small businesses and community development. With our asset management programs we will help your organization achieve the financial stability it needs, while leveraging all possible avenues to grow revenues and maximize asset value.

Some of the powerful benefits you’ll receive by working with Lakefront Capital:

-Independent Evaluation of funding source proposals and competitive bid process­lease verses buy analysis

-Standardized “Best in Class” Lease and finance Documents and vendor management for lowest cost funding and best terms

-Compliancy with financial tracking for SOX and financial reporting requirements

-Asset “life cycle” management of your assets from inception to disposal for cost avoidance and cost savings

-Asset Tracking and Data base Capture of­Bought­Financed­Leased assets by location and category

-Asset tracking by location, department, asset type, financial obligation, funding source, manufacturer, contractual obligation with full electronically stored supporting documents

-Cost Control and Predictability. Budgeting Control by cost center/Department

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