Minority Business Supplier

Its the relationships and People that Drive Innvotion and Growth

When a company does business with Lakefront they are not only receiving great service for their asset based financing but they are supporting the growth of minority, small business, women owned, veteran owned enterprises and communities.

Lakefront has done, and will continue educational, social, and economic groups to promote the support of the American Recovery from the small, medium, minority, women owned, and veteran owned companies. It is important to know 50% of Americas GDP comes from SMC (small, medium, companies) and it is estimated that 67% of the job growth will be from the SMC in the future.

Ron Wong, our Chairman is also the President of the Association of Chinese American (ACA) (the Detroit Chapter of the National Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA)) and has received numerous awards for our involvement in the Afro-American, Hispanic, and multi cultural communities.

Ron is deeply involved in economic development, educational development of the intercity and under privileged. Ron’s community involvement has been recognized nationally and he has been the key note speaker in Washington D.C. to the Senate and Congress on many occasions.

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