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Lakefront Capital approaches each client with the intention of providing value above all else. We offer resources to clients that help transfor their technology and business infrastructure. Through our equipment financing programs, we give a suite of turn-key solutions.

How We Make This Happen

Cash Flow Management: Leasing keeps your lines of credit open, so you don’t tie up your cash in equity. Also, you avoid costly down payments. With other advantages such as off-balance sheet financing, leasing helps you better manage your assets and liabilities.

Tax Advantages: The lessor realizes the depreciation benefits, enabling you to deduct rental payments as regular operating expenses. Moreover, if you are subject to the alternative minimum tax, you benefit because lease payments are not considered as tax preference items. If you purchase equipment you pay tax on the full amount upfront, leasing allows you to only pay a use tax over the period of the lease. Finally the operating lease allows you to get the tax benefits from the leasing company upfront.

Convienence in Equipment Management: By leasing, you transfer the uncertainties of this asset management, which allows you to concentrate on making that asset a productive part of your business.


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