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Lakefront Capital is a Michigan based Financial Strategy and Management Company founded in 2002, We are established as a National Certified Minority Company providing a range of services to Fortune 500 clients ranging from Asset Management Services, Equipment Financing, Equipment Disposition and Hardware Software Sales.

We consult with and augment finance, treasury, purchasing and legal staff to save money and gain compliancy by proactively managing their portfolio of assets.

How exactly does Lakefront Help?

The federal government is investing $100s of billions of dollars in an economic stimulus for small medium businesses through accelerated tax deductions. Our company profile allows us to share those American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) tax benefits with you. Lakefront Capital has mastered the way of providing you a no risk, turnkey lease program that gives you the best of both owning and leasing your assets!

Our syndication of lease/loans allows us to leverage asset ownership and lease them to you below the market. You can now get the best of both worlds owning and leasing your assets through Lakefront Capital, LLC.

We provide the fund management, tax benefits, tax leverage factor and the portfolio approach that provides maximum benefits for you. Delivering results from the intention of tax breaks, low cost debt, for two times the return on asset investments.

Opportunity #1: Reduce your current costs

Opportunity #2: Enhance your revenue streams

Opportunity #3: Grow your customer base

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